Diversity & Inclusion Webinar

hosted by populus group

Thursday, July 29 @ 3:00 - 4:00 pm est

The world is changing.

If your organization is working to become a more diverse and inclusive space for your employees and community, that's fantastic! You won't want to miss this webinar. 

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If Your Organization Is Asking Why Diversity & Inclusion Is So Important


If Diversity & Inclusion isn't a priority for your organization, you're falling behind. The cost is high; from supporting and reflecting the community your organization is a part of, to restricting access to quality talent, and underserving your community.

According to a recent study published by Forbes:


75% of employees expect their employer to take a stance on

current societal or cultural issues,

even if those issues have nothing to do with their employer.


One of the most important ways you can show up for your employees and the community you're a part of is developing inclusive policies, supporting and attracting a diverse range of talent, and being open and honest about your values and where you stand. These things are critical when it comes to furthering social and racial justice. You may be surprised to know this also helps the bottom line. 

Studies also show  that diverse and inclusive companies are more:

pg_magenta__award-40 innovative
pg_icons_cmyk_blue_currency-40 profitable
pg_green_lightbulb_120-1 competitive & 
pg_magenta__award-40 productive


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D&I Webinar Agenda

.We will cover a range of actionable ideas and tangible initiatives and tangible strategies. We will also share quick case study style examples of what we've done, what worked and insights and recommendations. The session will cover topics in the following categories:

1) Workplace:
Internal policies, initiatives, strategies for your organization and even contingent labor population.

2) Marketplace:
How you show up in the marketplace for customers, strategic partnerships and compare to your competition.

3) Community:
Finding your purpose and paying it forward: connecting with organizations and people in your community to support the greater good

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Meet your hosts!


Karen Philbrick

Vice President of Human Resources

Karen is the Exectuive Sponsor of Populus Group's Diversity & Inclusion Council. She has more than 15 years of experience in the staffing, talent management and contingent workforce industry.


She's Detroit native with a passion for sports, running, spending time with her husband and two kids in the U.P. (shout-out Michiganders).


Mario Lambert2020 - Circle

Mario Lambert

Director of Strategic Sales & Channel Partnerships

Mario is a board member on the Diversity & Inclusion Council. He helps to oversee Employee Resource Groups and marketplace strategies. With two decades of experience in the contingent workforce solution space, he is an industry leader in developing strategies that support CW programs and diverse spend initiatives.


Hailing from the Chigagoland area, when he's not at work, you can find him cheering on his kids' at their athletic events, mentoring in his community and finding the next spot for a delicious meal.

Anything else?